May 26, 2020

Lockdown Fitness

Before the lockdown in London, I used to swim 3 times a week, cycle to work or anywhere possible and walk whenever I could. Once the lockdown started, just like many other people, I had to say goodbye to my swimming lessons and the daily cycling.

I stopped swimming at the beginning of March 2020 due to the increasing risk of getting COVID-19. Pools are quite full and I wanted to be cautious. I believe this was a sensible measure, I was somewhat anxious about the evolving situation but I didn’t replace the missing exercise with anything else. I did not pay attention to what I ate either, snacking is endless when one is at home. As a result, I quickly gained some weight, about 3 kg which isn’t the end of the world BUT in a short person like me, this is noticeable. The lockdown’ clothes as I call them (leggings or shorts and a t-shirt) were hiding the extra weight, it probably hit me when I tried to wear my favourite jeans and struggled to get in.

Luckily, I found a way to exercise and stay healthy while at home. I had heard about Insanity before but I never wanted to do it as it was intense and difficult. Since these weren’t normal times and I was saving at least my commute time, I decided to have a go. I wouldn’t normally have the time, the energy and disposition to do something like this.

Insanity Max30

I started the program on 21st April, Insanity MAX30 requires a considerable amount of discipline and focus but you become stronger every day. The sessions are very motivating, it feels like you are in the gym training with those people who are super fit but suffer as much as you do. I am always in in awe and pain with every move that could only occur to a crazy guy like Shaun T.

Time-Restricted Eating

Time-restricted eating refers to limiting food intake to certain hours of the day, without a very strict reduction of calories consumed. I eat between 8:00 and 16:00 (8 hours) and then fast for 16 hours. This includes the hours when I am asleep. If you want to learn more about it, check this article by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Her articles and podcasts are very interesting, she can communicate complex scientific research in a language people can understand.

The change was a bit challenging at the beginning, I craved food every night. Interestingly enough, the cravings had nothing to do with authentic hunger but with the habit of snacking anytime just for the sake of it… ordering a pizza on a Friday evening is quite nice isn’t it?

After 4 or 5 days, the evening cravings stopped and I no longer taught of dinner or evening snacks. There were a couple of days in which I did not plan my meals very well and I was very hungry in the evening, on those days, I made an exception and had dinner at 18:00. Two out of 30 days isn’t a problem, it doesn’t seem to spoil things at all. Just remember to plan your meals properly.


I don’t have a very strict diet, my breakfast is generous, my lunch is balanced lunch and I snack on something light before 16:00. I drink coffee without sugar and avoid sugary things in general. I have had an ice cream or chocolate from time to time but this isn’t a recurrent thing. I restricted carbohydrates to one or two a day in small quantities.


Almost every day, this is what I start with plus a good cup of coffee. When I am not that hungry, I go for cereal and some fruit.breakfast

Thanks to Nonsap Visualsfor sharing their work on Unsplash.


Lunch is a bit more balanced. Meat or chicken + veggies + a low carb option. I order recipe boxes from Mindful Chef almost every week, the recipes are delicious and very creative. The ingredients are fresh and healthy.


Thanks to Jennifer Schmidtfor sharing her work on Unsplash.


I eat some fruit or cereal with yoghurt or milk. I have another cup of coffee.


Thanks to Sara Dubler for sharing her work on Unsplash.


I lost 7.5 cm in my waist and 1.5 cm in my hips. I lost some weight too:


I am very happy to have made it to day 30! It has not been as difficult as I thought I would be. I have had a great time doing Insanity MAX30 every day and eating my food. There is nothing like waking up with such good appetite and tasting every bit to the fullest.

The total length of Insanity MAX30 is 60 days and I am planning to find another challenge. There are many workout programs to choose from and they include a diet guide and awesome recipes, have a look!

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